Medical Coding: 10 Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs
Did you know there are several prescriptions in the US that cost more than $100,000 per year? The ten most expensive prescription drugs currently approved by the FDA are:

1. Solaris: $409,500 annually. The drug, created by Alexion Pharmaceuticals, treats hemoglobinuria – a rare blood disease. Some 8,000 Americans are treated for this, resulting in […]

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Transcending Practice Management

Practice Management
The Obama administration announced a new Health and Human Services task force for uncovering Medicaid waste and fraud. This comes just one week after 91 people, including physicians and nurses, were arrested nationally for a $295 million dollar Medicare scam.

When was the last time you reviewed your billing practices? If auditors arrived at your […]

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Guidelines To Determine ‘Incident-to’ Billing

‘Incident-to’ Billing
Originally published in Pain Medicine News; reprinted with permission

November 2011

—Tory McJunkin, MD, Paul Lynch, MD, Sagar Gondalia, and Ryan Tapscott, PhD


Dear Arizona Pain Specialists,

I have a small pain medicine practice, but we’re expanding fast. Our model for patient care relies heavily on the work of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. I recently read about […]

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