Boost Medical strives for growth and client satisfaction.
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Who is Boost Medical?

We provide our clients with the tools to transform their practices into profitable, dynamic, lasting businesses that have a dramatic impact on the health of their communities. Our team includes:

Paul Lynch, MD, CEO + Founder

Nikki VanRy, Digital Marketing Director

Dan Aponte, Senior Graphic Designer

Frank Pantano, Videographer

Ashley Losoya, Content Specialist

Isaiah Sayegh, Content Specialist

Boost Medical strives for growth and client satisfaction

We meet with physicians all around the nation with the mutual goal of developing the health of their practice. Our broad scope, experience, and knowledge allows us to train, direct, and advise capable individuals out of physicians to advance their influence in their communities. We build our clients’ leadership capabilities at every level to augment growth, development, and influence, while providing space to allow for that growth.

In every aspect, we help our physicians make an impact

Our industry experts are trained to cater to each individual practice. We understand that every physician is equipped with their own goals and challenges. Our teams focus on those challenges and council to overcome them. Through functional planning and directed decisions, we provide the road map to success. Call us for a consultation!

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Our Values

A message from our founders.

We started our medical practice with the idea that every patient should be treated as our own Mother and Father. In just seven short years after opening the doors at Arizona Pain Specialists, we’ve grown from two physicians with ample family support to more than 200 employees, 13 practices in three states and thousands of patients. Most importantly – those patients receive excellent care, as we’d want for our own families.

Boost Medical specializes in a comprehensive marketing platform. We work with entrepreneurial physicians, to create an online presence for physician in their local markets. Our expertise in marketing is a result of our top notch team of specialists with a vast understanding of online algorithms. We also emphasize what we’ve learned through trial and tribulation in building our own successful business: with the right combination of excellent patient care, efficient systems, a motivated staff, and a targeted marketing campaign, your practice will triumph.

We look forward to working with you.