Email marketing, when done well, can add value to your healthcare practice, both for you and for your patients. One of the keys is to choose the healthcare email marketing services that work for you. Here are some of the best, including those that offer email marketing for medical practices.

Is email marketing for medical practices important?

Email marketing for medical practices is one of the best ways to build long-lasting client relationships. Whether you focus your emails on informational, seasonally-appropriate newsletters or individualized patient education, email marketing keeps your medical practice top of mind and engages patients in a way that a social media post may not be able to.

Here’s more important statistics on the value of emails in healthcare:

From the first “Welcome to the practice!” email, email marketing for medical practices begin a conversation with patients that can last a lifetime.

The best healthcare email marketing services

The best healthcare email marketing services all come with specific features for medical practices, including integration with your current patient management software.

Here are some of our favorites that offer that (and much more!).

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is number one for a simple reason: it makes email marketing for medical practices easy to set up and maintain. Analytics are integrated on all versions (even the free one!), and MailChimp offers options to A/B test emails.

There aren’t really any cons to this email marketing service. A good, solid choice for the medical practice just getting into email marketing.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is supportive and easy-to-use, with fully customizable templates. Blogs on the site offer more details on how to tailor your emails to the right audience and give healthcare email examples to get you started.

Constant Contact also helps integrate your practice’s blog into emails and has the ability to generate a regular newsletter. Although not free, you can take on a 60-day free trial before deciding if it’s a good fit.

3. GetResponse

This email marketing service is great for when you are ready to really interact with clients with specialized tools. GetResponse can assist you in designing a landing page specific to your practice. Looking to expand to video? GetResponse can also organize and distribute webinars via email.

This service isn’t free, but the fact that it ties easily into 20 different types of CRM software is a big bonus.

4. SendPulse

If you want your patients to be able to get quick answers to questions (while still engaging with their email), SendPulse may be for you.

With a Facebook chatbot and webpush notifications that send targeted notifications to clients, this healthcare email marketing service goes next-level. You can send regular emails and track open rates, just like all the others, but this service gives patients another way to interact.

The only downside? If you elect to use the free or “lite” version, your emails will be branded with SendPulse logos. If that bothers you, the subscription is comparable in price to the others (especially for what you get!).

How to start your healthcare email campaigns

Regardless of which service you choose, the best way to capitalize on these healthcare email marketing services is by following a few best practices.

These include:

  • Personalization: All of the above email marketing services have the option to personalize emails with names. Take that option for best results!
  • Thoughtful email schedule: A whopping 69% of unsubscribe requests are due to too many emails. There is no magic number, but it makes sense to figure out what’s standard in the healthcare industry and go from there.
  • Clear content: State what the email is about in an engaging subject line, and then stick to it in the body of your email. Make sure your call to action is clear, bold, and easy to complete.
  • Well-designed emails: Don’t clutter your emails with unnecessary emojis (but emojis in subject lines can increase engagement and open rates).
  • Use of video: Everyone from business executives to everyday patients prefer video and are more likely to open an email that features video (or other visuals).
  • Taking advantage of analytics: All of the above healthcare email marketing services offer integrated analytics and the option of A/B testing. Take the time to look at what’s working and to change what’s not.

Practically speaking, you also need to put security first when it comes to emails in healthcare. Make sure your providers takes security seriously as well.

Boost can help you navigate all of your options for healthcare email marketing services (and can get you started with your first campaign!). We offer a number of email management services, so you can stay focused on your patients.

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