Instagram has become nearly synonymous with social media marketing these days. With story ads and the ability to directly connect with your customers and clients immediately (and one billion monthly users), an Instagram account is an important part of any solid digital marketing strategy. When it comes to Instagram business vs. personal accounts, which is best for your business? Keep reading to find out.

Instagram business vs. personal accounts: What’s the difference?

Since an Instagram business account may also feature similar stories and posts to a personal account, it can be challenging to not only tell the difference between them but also to decide which is best for you.

Here are the main differences (plus four benefits you should know).

Instagram business accounts offer access to premium features

Sure, personal Instagram accounts let you post the same great photos as an Instagram business account, but a business account comes with more premium features.

This means more ways for your potential customers or clients to reach you, as our first benefit explains.

Benefit #1: With 10,000 or more followers, you can add the “swipe up” feature

The “swipe up” prompt appears at the bottom of an Instagram story post and allows users to swipe directly to the website page the story references. For example, if you are a healthcare company in a region affected by a natural disaster, your Instagram story can “swipe up” to local resources and crucial information. This positions your company as a vital part of the community you serve – not just a faceless entity.

More importantly, it also makes it much easier to get people to your website directly, a common challenge with Instagram. You can also “swipe up” for a specific product, event, or service, tracking the visits and effectiveness of your post.

Instagram business accounts come with analytics

Analytics are crucial in digital marketing. These stats tell you which posts are reaching your audience and which are falling flat.

Benefit #2: It’s easy to tell which posts are working

Analytics for social media can help you better understand your audience. This means you can give them the information and the products they are looking for, which builds a relationship that will grow over time.

The “view insights” button below each business profile post gives you an idea of:

  • Which accounts are being reached
  • How many of them are already following you
  • Which viewers came via your hashtags

Instagram business accounts are far-reaching

According to Instagram’s internal data sources, over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one Instagram business profile every day.

Benefit #3: They allow you to boost a post

Boosting or promoting a post is only available for business accounts. Once your analytics help determine a strategy that’s working, use this feature to turbo-charge your social media dollars to get even more post views

Instagram business accounts allow you to post more company info

Sure, you can put a lot of information in your personal Instagram profile, but there are limits as to what’s available to individuals. One important feature (benefit #4) allows you to set up contact information.

Benefit #4: You get a “contact” button

Once you set up your Instagram business profile, a “contact” button appears. You can set it up so that customers can call or email you directly from Instagram: no need to travel to your website or hunt through your profile.

How to switch from a personal to Instagram business account

Converting a personal Instagram to a business account is simple and easy. If you have not already set up a personal Instagram account you can start from scratch (from a computer or from an app on your phone) and simply indicate in the settings panel that you want to start an Instagram business account.

Otherwise, follow these five steps.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to Settings (tap on your profile, then tap the three lines to the right of your name)
  3. Scroll down and tap “Switch to business profile”
  4. Create a business profile (fill in as much information as possible)
  5. Start posting

Switching is the easy part. The next challenge is to grow your Instagram business using carefully curated and strategically-positioned posts.

Grow your Instagram business

Social media of all types is flooded with posts, stories, and ads designed to capture attention. So how can you grow your Instagram business?

  • Fill out your Instagram business profile: The more information you can add to your profile (hours, location, etc), the better.
  • Post consistently: Set up a posting schedule that keeps eyes on your Instagram business account to capitalize on people looking for new businesses in their area or with the unique products or services you provide.
  • Post quality: With so much to choose from, your posts need to be relevant, high-quality, and useful to your audience. Make sure videos are well-shot and photos are appropriate.
  • Use faces: Beautiful pictures of food and landscapes are nice, but Instagram posts with faces get more comments and likes than any other type of post.
  • Utilize hashtags: Hashtag research can help you focus on the most important hashtags in your industry. Use them judiciously – not more than ten per post – and watch your engagement climb.
  • Track analytics: One of the reasons you set up an Instagram business vs. personal account was for the analytics, so make sure and pay attention to what they are saying. At least once a month, review them and make tweaks as necessary.
  • Interact with followers: When people comment, respond. Social media is not just your business shouting in the wind – it includes the echo of voices back in the form of questions and responses to your posts. Don’t leave ‘em hanging.
  • Use Instagram story ads: Stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram. Don’t sleep on this powerful format. Create Instagram story ads that convert casual viewers to active customers.

At Boost, we understand the power of Instagram business vs. personal accounts. Let us walk you through the steps of this powerful tool. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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