Medical practice marketing is an important part of growing your practice, whether you’ve just opened your first clinic or have locations in multiple states. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of marketing strategies for medical practices, from those you can do with little to no experience to those that require a bit of expertise. Here are 25 of our favorites.

How to market a medical practice

Knowing how to market a medical practice goes deeper than just hanging up your shingle, ordering business cards, and telling some friends.

Consumers are critical and discerning and have a plethora of options when it comes to medical help today. If you want your practice to stand out, medical practice marketing can be the difference between an empty waiting room and a full list of patients.

Here are 25 marketing strategies for medical practices.

1. Think differently about marketing

Medical practice marketing is not just advertising. It’s an ongoing strategy that includes community involvement, patient relationships, along with a coordinated media strategy.

You can’t set it and forget it, and you’re not just soliciting patients. You’re developing relationships, and that takes time.

2. Design a great website

Really, medical practice marketing starts here.

All of the marketing strategies for medical practices won’t mean a thing if you drive customers to your website and it’s hard to navigate or poorly designed. Invest time (or money) into a good website that generates leads.

3. Make sure it’s fast

Check your website loading speed.

If it’s not two seconds or less and you’ve already done a redesign, consider changing webhosts. Likewise, if your site crashes frequently or your webhost is unreliable, find a new one.

4. Ask for reviews

Are your patients happy? Ask for a review at the end of their visit.

Are they not-so-satisfied and have already left a review? That means you have an opportunity to do better and show you care.

5. Don’t ignore Pinterest

You’re likely already on Facebook, but Pinterest is a social media site that’s easy to use and already set up for health-specific infographics and videos. Plus, Pinterest pins are evergreen, lasting 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.

And 52% of millennials – that up-and-coming demographic – are part of the 250 million people on Pinterest.

6. Get visual on Instagram

Instagram is a primarily visual platform that offers the opportunity to meet potential patients where they are.

It’s owned by Facebook too, which allows you to push any ads easily to both networks.

7. Facebook still rules

Even with the grumbling around Facebook algorithms that monitor what people see, two billion people still use Facebook.

Your practice should use it, too. Connect with your local community on Facebook, through your Page or a group that you host.

8. Be consistent

Whichever social media platforms you choose, get on a consistent posting schedule using Hootsuite or another auto-scheduler.

Rule of thumb: it is better to post consistently on fewer platforms than to have a neglected account. Schedulers can help make this an easy task you do at the beginning of your week.

9. Create great content

Great content is still king when it comes to driving traffic to your website (and your door).

Blogs, articles, and well-written landing pages are a must. They serve double-duty by giving you fodder for your social media posts and ads.

10. Deliver a consistent message and tone

Across all marketing materials, make sure your tone and message are coordinated.

If your practice offers concierge medical services, make sure everything from your website design to your word choice and images reflect that.

11. Use Google My Business

You likely already know about the business listing service Google offers (the right-hand business profile you see when you search a business). Ensure you’ve claimed your business, added the right location and hours, and added photos.

You can do even more with this free service. Advertise events and promotions for free for seven days with the Google My Business feature to add interest (and rank higher in search!).

12. Optimize for voice search

Alexa and Siri are literally driving customers to your practice, with reviews, directions, and recommendations promoted by voice search.

An estimated 50% of all searches will be voice-driven by 2020. Optimize now with more casual terms and language that will be ready for voice search.

13. Optimize for mobile

Approximately 95% of people in the U.S. have cellphones, and 77% of those are smartphones. Just as with your website, you have two seconds to capture a potential patient’s attention.

Optimize for mobile. Today, it’s a must.

14. Stay local

“Near me” searches are up 900%, with the top local search result getting almost a third of the clicks (the top three grab 60% of clicks).

Use keyword strategies that boost your local SEO to send those searching patients your way.

25 Effective Marketing Strategies For Medical Practices In 2019 | Boost Medical

15. Utilize email marketing

By 2022, five billion people will be using email regularly.

A well-designed email marketing strategy keeps current patients engaged and informed while at the same time welcoming new patients to your practice.

Also, email can be easy. Schedule emails once a week or once a month, or auto-schedule new messages for new patients or surveys to those who have just visited. It’s an easy way to get more screen time with new and potential patients.

16. Consider pay-per-click (PPC)

While organic search is still top dog when it comes to clicks, carefully designed, keyword-based and targeted pay-per-click advertising can still be a high-value marketing strategy for medical practices (especially if clicking is attached to a high-quality landing page).

17. Give stuff away

Whenever you can, give stuff away – information, incentives, and swag in the form of pens and trial samples of health and wellness products.

Find ways to show your patients that you value their whole family and their support of your practice.

18. Be a thought leader

You are a highly-trained professional. Consider writing case studies for journals or helping a reporter out with quotes.

This is a way to stay engaged with and active in your community, while also showing how knowledgeable you are about your practice area.

19. Build your profile directories online

Many patients look for prospective doctors on a variety of sites, including Zocdoc and Healthgrades, among others.

Make sure your accounts on these sites are up-to-date and complete. When possible, respond to reviews, thanking patients for their good reviews and responding compassionately to any complaints.

20. Start a referral rewards program

Referral rewards programs give current patients perks when they send their family and friends to you. Rewards can vary and needn’t be extravagant.

21. Donate a service to the community

Support local schools or other non-profit organizations by donating a service.

This can be part of a charity silent auction or an ongoing contribution.

22. Toot your own horn

Promote your practice’s volunteer activities, community outreach, and other good service to your community across all of your digital marketing channels.

23. Refer to other doctors

Referring patients to other doctors often results in doctors referring to you. Supporting other high-quality medical providers in your community is a rising tide that lifts everyone’s boat. Look beyond that too to health and wellness professionals who complement the services you provide.

24. Make your logo

Think of Nike or Coke and their logo immediately comes to mind. Consider creating your own logo for instant recognition on all of your digital marketing materials.

25. Track how you’re doing

Don’t neglect digital marketing reporting as it’s a great way to see how all of your efforts are working. Online, you can track everything from patient movement on your website to how each post on social media is performing.

Use this information and learn from it. Repeat what works and look for better options for underperforming content.

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