Many marketing strategies rightfully focus on driving traffic to a company’s websites to generate more customer leads. Refining your SEO practices, running ads, and creating stellar social media content are great ways to do this. However, what if there was an even more affordable and effective way to reach the customers who know and trust you? At Boost, our own national businesses have become successful by relying on this simple tool: email marketing. Email marketing focuses on the leads already in front of you, who are waiting for you to get in touch. Here’s how it can help grow your business.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reach existing customers. This is the audience who already knows and loves your team.

Getting directly into the inboxes of people who want to hear from you has a few big benefits when it comes to cost, time, and effectiveness.

#1: It’s a low-cost way to stay in touch

Generating emails to touch base with your existing customer-base is a low-cost strategy to drive more traffic to your website.

For every dollar you spend on email marketing, your average rate of return could be as high as $38. Overall, companies reported in 2017 that email marketing brought in up to 21% of their income, up 17% from the previous year.

Even better? The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that email marketing had a median ROI of 122% across all businesses who used it in 2017. That’s a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

#2: Email marketing keeps you “top of mind”

Customers have busy lives. Consistent and valuable email marketing positions your company at the center of those lives, connecting you to them like an old friend.

(Typically, like most people, first thing in the morning while they read their emails over coffee.)

#3: Share updates about events, new services or products, or new staff

Email marketing easily keeps your company fresh and connected to customers by updating them on new events, services and products, and staff.

A quick email to your list is an efficient and effective way to spread the word and increases engagement without taking valuable time away from your actual day-to-day work. Plus, connecting regularly with your customers in this way increases their sense of community and overall investment in your business.

#4: Easily segment your list to drive more effective leads

Retargeting emails sent to specific segments of your email list can deepen customer engagement as they explore products and services specifically tailored for them.

Segmented, personalized campaigns have an open rate that is over 14% higher than a general email. With the right technology in place, you can create a remarketing email at the click of a button.

#5: Generate new sales and customer leads

All of the benefits of email marketing boil down to one thing: affordable and effective way to improve sales and leads.

Customers have already welcomed you into their inbox. A carefully-crafted email strategy helps to generate more returning customers as you keep them informed about your newest services, introduce yourself as an expert, and send reminders and updates.

Even better, ask for reviews and recommendations to help generate even more buzz and business.

#6: Email marketing works

When done right, email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective than targeted ads on Facebook and Twitter.

And customers want to hear from you: 91% of people who opt-in want to receive promotional and contact emails on a regular basis.

What we do at Boost

At Boost, we develop and handle all aspects of your email marketing strategy. Our approach is tailored to the unique goals of your business and includes the following services:

  • Managing automated and curated email blasts
  • Scheduling and delivering emails
  • Analyzing click-through rates and other trends over time
  • Delivering retargeting emails to segmented, high-value groups
  • Creating content for weekly or monthly email newsletters
  • Following up on opt-ins for stronger, ongoing customer lead generation

Get in touch

The leading email marketing technologies are powered by data. At Boost, our approach to customer lead generation is inspired by experience, and driven by data. We know these strategies work because we’ve grown our own successful national businesses from them.

Moreso, 49% of businesses don’t use this email marketing data at all. Get ahead of the competition by incorporating this powerful tool into your overall marketing strategy. We can help you develop a email marketing strategy that works for your business.

If you don’t know where to start with email marketing for your business, get in touch today. We can help.

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