Taking a scattershot approach to marketing for your company online just doesn’t work anymore. It wastes money and an even more valuable resource: time. Expertly optimized PPC, or pay-per-click, digital advertising efforts are a great way to focus your resources on the people who are already looking for you online. At Boost, our PPC customer lead generation techniques are driven by data and inspired by experience.

What is PPC?

Without actually knowing it, PPC (pay-per-click) is probably as familiar to you as the back of your hand. They’re the Google ads that pop up at the top of most of your online searches.

These ads are targeted specifically to users who are searching for something specific online. It allows marketers to pay only when a user clicks an ad. These ads can generate traffic immediately. With a team who knows how to optimize ads and bids, you can get top placement on search engines or other networks. That way, a potential customer sees your business first.

Google ads, however, are just one type of PPC ads that you can employ for your company. Here are the advertising tools we use at Boost to help you grow your business.

Google ads

Google ads are the most well-known type of PPC ads. Using banner ads, images, and text, Google ads can be a highly-effective customer lead generation tool.

These ads appear whenever someone searches specific keywords, making it easy to get eyes on your company online. These ads can also be placed on other websites, reaching prospective customers from all over the internet.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads (also referred to as remarketing) use cookies on a customer’s browser to tailor ads and search results.

For example, someone who searches for at-home treatments for chronic low back pain might see a retargeted ad for chiropractors in their area. Or, they may see your apparel a day after visiting your site to remind them of what they were considering. Dynamic retargeting ads go one step further: they change the text and image based on what users are specifically looking for.

Social media ads

As of March 2018, over two billion people use Facebook every day. That’s nearly double the year before. Facebook also owns Instagram, a social media platform that sees over 100 million users per month.

Social media ads can be an affordable option that places your business in front of people who are already looking for you.

Local pack ads

Again: you’ve seen these before. The Google three-pack uses the far reach of Google maps to help prospective customers find your local business when they search for “Dallas plumbers” or “San Diego dentists” or another local search.

With local pack ads, your business can be listed as one of the top search results when customers search for your specialty using local searches or even the phrase “near me.”

How can PPC advertising help me generate customer leads?

In a recent survey of businesses, Hubspot found that the number one concern for 63% of companies is generating traffic and leads. Combining organic search with PPC efforts can result in a 25% increase in clicks to your website.

There’s more:

It’s clear that PPC on both search engines and social media result in solid customer lead generation to help you grow your business. And, unlike organic SEO efforts, PPC ads can start bringing in leads within a few minutes of opening an account. Together, they make up the foundational elements of a data-driven approach to digital marketing for your business.

What we do at Boost

At Boost, our goal is to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that addresses your company’s unique challenges and helps you reach your marketing goals. We are committed to getting you the best results from your PPC advertising efforts.

We don’t just set your PPC ads in motion and move on. Our services include:

  • Full in-depth analysis of your market and industry
  • Radial targeting to focus more spend within the geographical areas you want to target
  • Analysis of historical data to adjust bid increments as needed
  • Daily optimization and weekly reporting on our efforts
  • Conversion tracking to keep track of your ROI

We make data-driven adjustments to your PPC for more effective customer lead generation, from the beginning of a campaign to the end.

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At Boost, our approach to customer lead generation is driven by data, inspired by experience.

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