These days, starting a website for your company is like hanging a shingle outside your door: necessary. It’s often a customer’s first look at what you do and who you are as a company. But just having a website is not enough. Focusing your efforts on SEO (or search engine optimization) is key to actually bringing customers in the door and generating leads for new ones. At Boost, our SEO customer lead generation techniques are driven by data and inspired by experience.

Why is SEO so important?

SEO (search engine optimization) for all companies online is crucial. Consumers conduct billions of Google searches a day. And they are looking for you. Organic, non-paid search, the kind that can be optimized with SEO, drives 51% of traffic to websites. That’s up to five times more than paid advertisements.

Done well, a great SEO strategy can drive much more traffic to you in a consistent and easily sustainable way. That means developing high-quality content, getting good links from other well-respected sites, and more.

SEO is wide-ranging practice, but it comes down to two core elements:

  • Creating a site that search engines understand
  • Sharing content that truly helps people

Nowadays, you have to be in a potential customer’s search results when they look for companies like you. We help you create data-driven and high-quality content to capture potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

Towards data-driven customer lead generation

Data-driven customer lead generation means focusing on what customers need, what they respond to, and how to capture their attention. It’s both technical and creative.

Boost looks at what customers want and what your business offers in order to carefully craft an individualized marketing strategy based on three things.

1. Compliance with all laws

We take privacy seriously and know your customers do, too. Boost complies with all privacy laws, and we are a 100% HIPAA-compliant direct response digital marketing agency.

2. Quality customer lead generation

Quantity is good – quality is even better. We deliver leads that convert to customers. Your content matters, and we believe high-quality content is the gold standard for SEO services.

3. Data and results driven marketing

Quality SEO means constant analysis and evaluation of how we’re doing. We use analytics and link performance to make changes based on what’s working for your community and potential customers. We’re actively targeting high-volume search queries, optimizing your site for updated search engine algorithms, and creating content that ranks well in your customer’s search results.

What we do at Boost

At Boost, we’re focused on helping you build your business with a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools.

We recognize that each company has its own specialized goals and challenges. Our job is to maximize the return on your marketing investment, helping you build a long-lasting and successful business. We do this by relying on data, but also incorporating invaluable lessons we learned from building our own successful businesses.

Our SEO services include:

  • Using Google Analytics to track web traffic: Knowing how your customers find you online helps us refine our marketing efforts. We also differentiate between users who find you on their own with search queries or through paid ads so you can see the results of each branch of your marketing efforts.
  • Tracking keywords: The keywords your site ranks for change and evolve over time. We track and manage valuable keywords to generate the most traffic to your site. We also optimize your on-page SEO to make the most of your content.
  • Comparing competitor traffic: We keep an eye on your competitor’s web traffic to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Building links: Building quality backlinks and an internal linking network is key to a higher search ranking in Google.
  • Local directory profiles: 76% of local searches result in a phone call, with 50% of smartphone users visiting the business within a day. Often, your neighbors are your customers, and we connect you with them via Google Local profiles or profiles on leading review sites, like Yelp or HealthGrades.
  • Search-ready website design and security: Boost provides fast and secure web hosting options and we build responsive websites that are optimized for mobile phones and search through WordPress.

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At Boost, customer lead generation is driven by data, inspired by experience.

We’re transforming lead generation with cutting-edge digital tools, based on the invaluable lessons we learned operating and growing our own businesses. Get in touch today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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