Vision is the number one key for taking your practice to the next level.

Vision crystalizes the who, why, and where for you and your employees. Vision is more than just a happy slogan, it is the capstone for your success and everything else builds upon it. As the leader of your organization you are responsible for the successes and failures of your organization and most of the time they are intimately linked with the vision that you have and convey to your staff.

Core Values and Beliefs

Vision is initially made up of core values and beliefs or the who. It’s critically important that your company’s core values and beliefs are the same as your own. They must be congruent and really must grow out of your own values. The core values and beliefs that you choose for your business should resonate with the employees that you have and the customers that you serve. Any person in your organization’s actions should be held up to the standard of your core values. These should be personal and unique to your organization, but also be timeless. Your values should serve as a compass for everyone in your organization when faced with daily decisions.


Building out of a company’s core values and beliefs are a company’s purpose. Your purpose is your why. Why does your practice exist? Your purpose must be general enough to apply to everyone at your organization, but be specific enough to communicate with others why you do what you do. Your company’s purpose allows an opportunity for you to connect with your staff and to motivate them. Your purpose should further guide your company and act as a map for your journey to success.


From your company’s purpose comes your mission. Mission is the where. It’s a specific and targeted place where you want to be. Your values, beliefs, and purpose should be unchanging, but your mission is typically a 5 to 10 year plan that should be adjusted when you have arrived.

At Boost Medical, our mission is: We provide our clients with the tools to transform their practices into profitable, dynamic, lasting businesses that have a dramatic impact on the health of their communities.

Our mission lets our staff know that we are not here for meaningless work. We are here for something much bigger than any one of us – we are here to dramatically and positively change lives.

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