It’s easy to take your website for granted. Sure, it provides relevant information about your business and offers multiple ways for customers to get in touch, but how much do you really know about your website? What about your web hosting? There are multiple factors that go into maintaining an efficient (and effective) website. For better website speed optimization, including mobile website speed, and website security, your web hosting matters more than you think. At Boost, we provide expertly-managed web hosting options. Here’s what you can expect.

Why is secure web hosting so important?

Secure web hosting goes well beyond having a pretty website. If the graphics and the content are the decorative items for your site, secure web hosting is its solid foundation.

It doesn’t matter how good your site looks if it doesn’t perform well in these three areas: speed, security, and reliability. Here’s what you should know about each.


Website speed optimization, include optimizing for better mobile website speed, can dramatically affect how users interact with your website (and, by extension, your business).

Nearly half (47%) of all consumers expect a website to load in one second (or less). Approximately 40% of consumers completely abandon a page that takes three or more seconds to load. Waiting for a video? At least 80% of users will click away if a video freezes or takes too long to load.

And mobile website speed is just as important. Although mobile website speed tends to be a bit slower than desktop speed averages, similar statistics apply. Consumers simply don’t want to wait a long time for a page to load.

While slow loading times can be a result of the availability of internet service in your area, secure web hosting can optimize the factors in your control. Done well, your company’s site can load in the blink of an eye.


It’s no secret that hackers threaten website security around the world and data breaches occur. What is hidden from most consumers is how often they occur and how damaging they can be. Consider these statistics:

Your customers trust you with their sensitive data, and you are required to protect it. Web hosting that includes a vigilant data protection plan is a critical part of your website.


One of the best parts of the internet is its 24-hour access. Web hosting is more than just speed and security. How much will those things matter if your site crashes and there’s no plan to get it back up?

Web hosting includes not only ensuring your site is always on, but also developing back-ups in case something happens and you need to reboot your site.

What we do at Boost

At Boost, it’s our job to keep your website up and running: efficiently, effectively, and securely. We know how critical this is from the lessons we’ve learned growing our own successful businesses. We take your web hosting seriously so you can focus on your customers first.

How we can help:

  • We host your website on industry-leading native SSDs for optimal performance
  • We improve the speed of your site by implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to decrease load times
  • We perform daily backups to ensure the quality of your data
  • We focus on security, patching, and regular updates to keep you protected from the latest security vulnerabilities

We know that your business can’t afford a data breach. It’s timely in terms of correction time, financial impact during downtime, and the hit to your trusted reputation in your community. We’ve developed an efficient and effective system of web hosting that’s tailored to the needs of your company so you can stay focused on your customers.

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Every company needs a secure, reliable website. It’s how we run our business: inspired by experience, and driven by data.

We’re transforming web hosting options with cutting-edge digital tools and data, and always-on backups and security scans. It’s what you need to maintain a secure and fast website today.

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