Marketing may not be at the top of your list of things to do, but when patients need urgent care, how will they know where to find you? These are 14 urgent care marketing ideas that are quick to implement. They focus on getting your clinic to the top of the search results (and top of your patient’s mind) when they need help.

Urgent care digital marketing ideas

Start your urgent care marketing with improvements to your digital footprint. This makes you more visible online when your patients need you the most.

1. Optimize your mobile website with clear info and address

Is your location still hiding behind an outdated website with minimal information? People who need urgent care need it, well, urgently.

That means your website needs to be fast and optimized for mobile use. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and complete, with a picture or map for best results.

2. Update your local business directory on Google

The local business directory on Google is a free resource that can drive patients to your door.

As with your mobile website, make sure your business listing is complete and up to date with your address, hours, and contact information.

3. Utilize pay-per-click ads that are hyperlocal and effective

When you need an urgent care facility, it’s safe to say that the one that pops up first on a “near me” search is more likely to grab your attention.

Use pay-per-click (PPC) ads that are focused on your immediate area to stay at the top of the search results more affordably.

4. Mind your online reputation management

Do you know what your patients are saying about you online? If the answer is “no,” you have some work to do.

An astonishing 85% of people are now turning to online reviews to find their healthcare providers, and that includes urgent care centers. Online reputation management includes asking for reviews, responding to positive feedback, and offering solutions for those patients who are not pleased with their service.

5. Show wait times

Use an app (or a digital billboard) with this feature to show wait times for your facility.

This can drive patients to your clinic when they need help fast.

6. Use email marketing

Ongoing email blasts to former patients may seem like something a primary care physician would do, but these days, urgent care takes on some of the roles of a regular doctor.

With many patients using flexible insurance plans and health savings accounts, urgent care can take the place of some emergency care visits. Send a regular newsletter or updates about your services with consistent email marketing.

7. Don’t forget social media

Urgent care brand positioning includes social media marketing to get in touch with your patients where they are: clicking and scrolling through social media.

Take the time to figure out a tone for your social media (Casual? Informative? Something in between?), and design a strategy that includes ongoing posts.

8. Consider video marketing

Some major digital marketing firms predict that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video.

Video is one of the urgent care marketing ideas that brings your facility to patients. Film a tour, introduce the staff, or post how-to or informational videos for things like flu season and allergy care.

9. Add content to your website

Good SEO strategies may bring patients to your website, but high-quality articles, blogs, and landing pages keep them there.

The more time a potential patient spends on your website, the more likely they are to convert to an actual person through the door.

10. Develop a patient portal

Patient portals are used more frequently with primary care physicians, but there is no reason why your urgent care center cannot develop them, too. Patient portals allow patients to schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, get lab results, and ask questions – all online in the convenience of their home.

In-person urgent care marketing ideas

Urgent care digital marketing is just one aspect of a marketing strategy. Digital urgent care marketing ideas are best complimented with a personal touch.

After all, the end goal is an excellent patient experience. Here’s some techniques to use in your efforts.

11. Improve your patient experience

Sure, it’s a clinic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be clinical. Make sure your front office staff is warm and welcoming, and keep the waiting area comfortable and clean. Provide refreshments where appropriate and a wide variety of reading materials and entertainment for children.

Consider a separate area for patients with flu-like symptoms, and mind the volume on the television if you have one. Not everyone wants to hear the news or latest scandals, especially when they’re sick.

12. Sponsor a local event

When you sponsor a local event, you display your commitment to your community.

A sponsorship can be anything from donating items or services to auctions or helping a local youth team out with uniforms.

13. Volunteer in your community

If you don’t want to sponsor an event, print up some t-shirts and take your employees out to volunteer in the community.

This visibility demonstrates that you’re more than a clinic and that you appreciate the community you are part of.

14. Partner with local doctors

Partnering with local doctors and other businesses in your community is a win-win for everyone. You help local doctors provide services they may not be equipped for, and your urgent care offers a vital service when a patient’s regular doctor isn’t available.

At Boost Medical, we know your focus is on delivering excellent care to every patient who walks through your doors. To find out how we can help with effective urgent care marketing ideas for you, get in touch today!           

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