People in the U.S. are visually oriented. We like beautiful pictures, interesting graphics, and videos of all sorts. This is good news for businesses looking to add video email marketing to their digital marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to know.

Why to use videos in your email marketing in 2019?

If your email marketing campaigns are starting to feel stodgy and stale, breathe new life into them with video. One of the simplest ways to add interest and increase engagement is through visual media. This does not have to be Hollywood-level feature film. A short snippet or engaging clip is enough.

Video in email stats bear this out.

Still not convinced? Try adding the word “video” in the subject line of your next email as an A/B test (with a short video embedded in the email) and watch your open rates soar!

Six best video email marketing examples

Videos don’t have to be complicated, long, or involved. The goal is to better connect with clients and customers and to keep them engaged on your site (and in your business). Something as simple as a weekly animated .gif can make this happen. If your business focuses on overall health and wellness, maybe your weekly email with an animated .gif links to a landing page with wellness tips based on your targeted demographic.

The most effective video email marketing is real, authentic to your business’s mission, and thoughtful. This may mean that some of the example below don’t work for you. That’s okay. Choose what does, and focus on that.

For video in email, 2019 is shaping up to be the most diverse year ever, with video email marketing covering a wide variety of topics. Here are six video email marketing examples to get you started.

1. A newsletter or round-up of events

This type of video regularly updates people with everything coming up on your calendar, whether that’s workshops, specials, or other notable events.

2. Show them how the sausage is made

Okay, so this isn’t actually about making sausage, but consider adding a video for day-in-the-life or behind-the scenes action.

Chances are good your customers have questions about how you do what you do. This is a good feature to give them some insight into the inner workings of your business.

3. Make how-tos or tutorials

Almost 75% of people say they would prefer to learn something through video than any other media. Regardless of your industry, there is always a chance for learning.

Create and send out how-to videos and short educational snippets for topics that are relevant to your clients or customers.

4. Give thanks

Remember when you were little and your parents made you write thank-you notes when you received gifts? Consider thanking your clients and customers through video.

This might be for supporting a cause your business promotes or simply for being a valued client or customer.

5. Get personal

Why did you start your business? What makes it unique? Do you have a story to share?

That last one was a trick question. Everyone has a story to share. Share it through video.

6. Make testimonials more powerful

It’s one thing to read a quote about how great a business is; it’s quite another to look into someone’s eyes as they share their experience.

Adding video testimonials to your email marketing can be a powerful way to bring new business through your door.

How to use video in your email marketing campaigns

As with all types of digital marketing, video email marketing starts with a solid plan. Rather than just sending video in email willy-nilly, consider your goals and objectives for the video and outline the demographic you are trying to reach.

Does everyone on your email list get the same video? What’s your total budget? What are your competitors doing?

Once you figure out where you’re going, how to get there, and how much you can spend, keep the following video email marketing best practices.

  • Shoot the best videos you can afford: Use high-quality equipment for the best possible video quality (and this might even be your iPhone with the right supporting equipment!).
  • Be brief: The best video length for engagement (that keeps them captivated until the call-to-action at the end) is between one and two minutes.
  • Make sure to add “video” to the subject line: This nearly guarantees a better open rate.
  • Send your video on a test run: Give family and friends a chance to watch your video and provide feedback before sending it out to your entire email list.
  • Actually add the video: If you don’t know how to embed video in email, figure it out. Links are just not as effective as an embedded video. Another option supported by nearly all email servers is to embed a thumbnail.
  • For embedded thumbnails, create a landing page: Your video should send users at least to your website or, better yet, a landing page. Don’t send them to YouTube or Vimeo (where they might spiral away in a swirl of other videos!).

Does your email marketing campaign need an update? Get in touch with Boost. Our video email marketing team can get you started today!

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