Video, video, video. We spend nearly a third of our time online streaming video for personal and professional reasons. For video marketing statistics, 2019 is shaping up to be a big year. Whether you upload vlogs, informative video content, or quick snippets about your business, here are 27 things you need to know about video (and how it’s shaping our lives).

1. Mobile video matters

85% of people on the internet watch videos on their mobile device.

2. Social media + video = true love

Social media users prefer video content and use it make purchasing decisions.

3. Social media videos have a great ROI

Over 93% of businesses say they have gotten new clients from videos posted on their social media.

4. Leads are better (and there are more of them!)

Video marketers report 66% more qualified leads per year. These are people who are ready to set up an appointment or make a purchase (as opposed to those who are still looking).

5. Millennials want more video

As millennials move away from branded emails, 54% of people overall want more video from the brands and people they support.

6. Video increases time on your site

Websites with videos have visitors who spend 88% more time on the site than those without.

7. Videos promote engagement

More than half of the people in the U.S. (53%) have engaged with a brand (i.e., through email or direct message) after watching their video on social media.

8. Marketing professionals love video

We admit it: Boost is part of the 87% of marketing professionals who love and use video.

9. Millennials want to have it all

That’s right: they want a video that comes with a link to make a purchase.

10. YouTube is actually a search engine

Ranked as the number two search engine (behind Google, naturally), YouTube is a search engine used by one and a half billion people monthly to stream over a billion hours of video.

11. Companies are spending more on video

Overall, the reported marketing budget for video has increased by 53% since 2016.

12. People prefer video to learn

Given the choice, 72% of people prefer learning about a new product or service via video instead of text.

13. Social media video gets the biggest ROI

At 40%, social media video gets the biggest reported ROI, ahead of photos/graphics (27%) and blog posts (12%).

14. Video makes your call to action memorable

Only 10% of people remember a written call to action, but a video? A full 95% of viewers remember that.

15. You are being watched…on Instagram

Almost 50% of social media users report watching IGTV. Of those, 70% watch a video from a brand (and 40% report enjoying watching Instagram story ads).

16. Video promotes sharing

A video is 1200% more likely to be shared on social media platforms than any other type of content.

17. Video promotes B2B growth

For B2B video marketing statistics, how about a 49% better rate of growth for those who use video (versus those who don’t)?

18. Video increases conversion rates

In an email (200-300% increase), on a homepage (20%), as part of a full-page ad (22%), or as an animated “explainer” (20%), video increases conversion rates across the board.

19. On Facebook, video outperforms all other content

Video generates 59% more engagement than any other type of post including questions about what everyone is having for dinner and pictures of your dog on the beach.

20. Digital video marketing is a booming business

Annually and in the U.S. alone, digital video marketing rakes in $135 billion dollars. This number will grow as video continues to thrive.

21. Visuals work better with your brain

Your brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Since video is visual (as is 90% of all information the brain processes), it simply works better with your brain.

22. Online video is replacing TV

More people (60%, to be exact) would rather watch video through their computer or mobile devices than television.

23. Did we mention how mobile video is?

Of all online video plays, 75% occur on mobile devices.

24. Video consumption is rising

On YouTube alone, video consumption rises 100% every year.

25. Video is more than “the next big thing”

Video is growing. By 2022, online videos will make up the bulk of internet traffic. Rising 15 times higher than 2017, an estimated 82% of all activity online will be video.

26. But this is not new

In 2016, an executive from Facebook predicted that the whole platform would be video-based by 2021.

27. The future is almost here

The Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that by 2020, one million minutes of video will play across the internet per second.

Use video marketing for your business

You don’t have to have a video channel to share video content. There are many different types of videos that work on not only YouTube but also websites and social media, including:

  • How-to videos
  • Video FAQs (instead of text)
  • Livestream (e.g., Facebook live)
  • Video blogs (a.k.a. vlogs)
  • Presentations/Instructional video
  • Tutorials
  • Customer testimonials
  • Webinars

Which format you choose depends on your goals and who you want to reach, but in terms of video marketing statistics, 2019 seems to be continuing the trend of video as a legitimate and useful marketing tool.

If you are new to video marketing and want to dive in, Boost can help. From coordinating your exiting campaigns with other digital marketing tools to creating new video marketing plans from scratch, Boost knows how to make video work for you. Get in touch today!